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How to maintain your Ceramic Coating.

Tips for Maintaining Your Ceramic Coating

Here are five steps that you should follow to extend the lifespan of your ceramic coating.

Step 1 – Use the Two-Bucket Method for Washing

The two-bucket method of washing a car is proven to reduce swirl marks and produce the best wash results. For those who are not aware, the two-bucket wash method is using one bucket for soaking your wash mitt

– while the other is used to clean the wash mitt after each section you wash on the car.

The "rinse" bucket is filled with clean water, has grit guards and used to simply rinse any dirt or debris from the wash mitt after each, individual section.

Step 2 – Wash Your Car fortnightly

Whether you have a daily driver or a favourite weekend car, it’s recommended to wash your car every 2 weeks. This will help to avoid the excessive build-up of contaminants. Even if you use a car cover on the vehicle, remember, car covers collect dust, which can penetrate underneath in microscopic levels.

Step 3 – Do Not Wash the Vehicle in Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight creates heat, especially dark vehicles – which is kryptonite to ceramic coatings. To ensure you get the best results from your maintenance, make sure you wash the car in a shaded area, outdoors (out of direct sunlight).

It’s always best to wash the car when the sun is at its lowest levels, early morning or early evening . This will also help to avoid water spots and streaking. If you do end up with water spots.

Step 4 – Use an PH Neutral Car Shampoo

It’s always best to use a quality PH neutral car shampoo without added wax or polish – just straight, good old shampoo like BCP Pure Shampoo

When you wash always wash from top to bottom and rinse each section as you finish.

Step 5 – Use Separate Wash Buckets and Mitts for lower areas and Wheels

Tires and wheels collect brake dust and carbon deposits, which is basically microscopic pieces of metal shavings. You don’t want to use a wash mitt with tiny pieces of metal to wash your ceramic coated paintwork. Always use separate wash mitts for lower areas of your vehicle, including wheels and sills.

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